New level of rendering fee in Belarus

According to the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus published on November 19, 2020, an additional gradation of disposal fee rates is introduced: instead of the previous groups “not more than 3 years” and “more than 3 years”, the rates “not more than 3 years”, “from 3 to 7 years” and ” more than 7 years are introduced. “

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Huge transport changes in Russia

The government has published a bulletin on its official website listing the measures taken to support the most affected sectors of the economy. We remind you that the freight transport industry is one of them. One such measure was the reduction of administrative burdens, under which

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Electronic vignettes instead of paper ones in the Czech Republic

Several changes await freight carriers in this country at the same time: paper vignettes will be replaced by electronic ones and the period of validity of annual vignettes will be changed to 365 days (instead of the calendar year). A fee for trucks for noise and pollution emissions is also being introduced, and the toll road network will be expanded by 900 more kilometers.

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Transport changes in Austria

In the neighboring country, toll rates are also set to increase on average between 1.4% and 2%. The base rate (per kilometer) will be adjusted for inflation and increased by 1.5%. Additional charges for air pollution will be adjusted to the maximums provided by EU legislation. At the same time, no additional charge will have to be paid for electric and hydrogen vehicles. Noise emission costs will remain unchanged: a 1.5% discount for Euro 6 trucks will remain

Night-time truck traffic ban in the Alps

From the beginning of 2021, only vehicles of the following categories will be able to use the route through the Brenner Pass:

  • those transporting perishable goods and printed materials
  • Vehicles required to provide emergency medical assistance
  • transporting live animals
  • transport in connection with the construction and reconstruction of the road infrastructure on the A12 and A13 freeways or the construction of the Brennerbasistunnel
  • vehicles for towing cars and roadside assistance
  • vehicles loaded or moving for transport by rail, to or from rail terminals in Halle and Wergl, provided that such transport is confirmed by an appropriate document.
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Dunajec Rafting

Rafting down the Dunajec river is one of the biggest tourist attractions of the Pieniny, at the same time original and very comfortable form of visiting the Pieniny National Park.

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