In the new year, speed limits in cities will be lowered and penalties for exceeding them will be increased. A ban on the use of anti-radar devices will also come into force.

To improve safety on urban roads, the Spanish Ministry of the Interior has decided to lower speed limits:

  • On one-way roads, where the sidewalk is level with the road, the limit will be 20 km / h
  • On roads with one lane in each direction, the speed limit will be 30 km/h
  • On roads with two or more lanes in one direction the limit will be 50 km / h.
    The changes will also include the level of fines. Driving too fast in zones with the 30 km/h limit will result in the following penalties:
  • a fine of 100 euros – for driving between 31 and 50 km/h
  • a fine of 300 euros – for driving at a speed of 51 to 60 km/h
  • a fine of 400 euros and 4 penalty points – for driving at a speed between 61 and 70 km/h
  • a 500 euro fine and 6 penalty points – for driving at a speed between 71 and 80 km/h
  • a fine of 600 euros and 6 penalty points – for driving at a speed of 81 km/h and above.
    In addition, the Spanish government has decided to fight against the use of radar warning devices by drivers. Currently, only the use of anti-radar and devices or apps with a speed control warning function is penalized. In practice, it is impossible to catch a driver in the act. After the new legislation comes into force, the mere possession of such devices will also be punishable by a fine of 500 euros and 3 penalty points.