Several changes await freight carriers in this country at the same time: paper vignettes will be replaced by electronic ones and the period of validity of annual vignettes will be changed to 365 days (instead of the calendar year). A fee for trucks for noise and pollution emissions is also being introduced, and the toll road network will be expanded by 900 more kilometers.

In 2021, toll rates for trucks weighing more than 3.5 tons will include 3 elements: a direct toll, a noise toll and a pollution toll. In addition, the noise charge will be calculated under new rules – based on the number of axles and vehicle weight. The air pollution charge will be calculated on the basis of emission standards, vehicle weight and number of axles. You have to be prepared to spend from 1.58 to 9.95 CZK (0.05 – 0.36 EUR) for each kilometer driven (depending on the number of axles of the vehicle and the date of the trip: the most expensive tariff is valid on Friday from 15:00 to 20:00).