According to the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus published on November 19, 2020, an additional gradation of disposal fee rates is introduced: instead of the previous groups “not more than 3 years” and “more than 3 years”, the rates “not more than 3 years”, “from 3 to 7 years” and ” more than 7 years are introduced. “

The resolution also singles out an additional subgroup of vehicles weighing “more than 20 tons but less than 30 tons.” The utilization fee rate for such vehicles, from the production of which no more than 3 years have passed, will be 12,600 rubles.
The rates of the utilization fee for vehicles manufactured less than 3 years ago used for international road transport and trailers (semi-trailers) remain at the same level.
The rates of the rendering levy for vehicles manufactured between “3 and 7 years” will correspond to the current rates for the “more than 3 years” group.
For vehicles that are “more than 7 years old”, increased rates are introduced.