Already next year, hauliers will have to bear additional costs. From January 2021, the rate for emitting one tonne of CO2 in Germany will be 25 euros. By 2025 it will rise to 55 euros, in 2026 – to 65 euros.
It is assumed that the fee will be introduced for refineries and gas suppliers. Ultimately, however, the increase in fees will affect end users. Gasoline and diesel prices will increase: according to the Federal Ministry of the Environment, from 2021 gas will be more expensive by about 7 cents / liter, diesel – by 8 cents / liter.

The requirements for winter tires have been updated

In the middle of this summer, a regulation came into force regulating the equipping of vehicles with winter tires from November 1 to April 15. Winter tires are 3PMSF (mountain with snowflake). Tires marked M + S, MS or M&S may be used if they were manufactured before December 31, 2017. (DOT5217). You may travel on such tires until September 30, 2024.
The requirements apply to N2 and N3 vehicles (weight over 3.5 tons). They must be equipped with 3PMSF winter tires on the drive axles and on the front swivel axles.
Winter tires do not have to be used on trailers and semi-trailers. The minimum tread depth of all tires must be 1.6 mm.
The penalties for non-compliance with the new regulation in Germany are as follows:

  • 60 euros for incorrect tires,
  • 80 euros for blocking/obstructing traffic due to incorrect tires,
  • 100 Euro for causing a dangerous driving situation due to incorrect tires,
  • 120 euros for being involved in an accident due to unsuitable tires and 1 penalty point.